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In the service offered by GOODYEAR to its consumers with the cooperation of AXA Sigorta and AXA Partners Turkey, consumers buying 4 Goodyear or Sava brand tires from contracted Goodyear dealers simultaneously can benefit from Roadside Assistance Services for 1 year by completing the activation process on In the Goodyear’s Tire Insurance Service under the Goodyear is with me application, consumers buying 4 Goodyear 17 ‘and over tires from the contracted Goodyear dealers simultaneously, can benefit from the Tire Insurance Service for one year by completing the activation process on within 30 days following the invoice date and forwarding a copy of the invoice to Goodyear. Consumers can benefit from the service Goodyear is with me until 30.04.2020.

The Goodyear Roadside Assistance service includes tire change, accommodation and transportation services for 1 year following the activation of Goodyear membership. In case of a tire change, a flat tire or a problem while driving, Goodyear is with me guides you to the place to replace the damaged tire with a spare wheel, or take the vehicle to the nearest tire dealer within a limit of 236 TL including VAT once per year. If the problem with the car tire cannot be solved within 48 hours, Goodyear is with me covers an accommodation including breakfast in a 3 or 4-star hotel up to 3 nights with a daily limit of 236 TL VAT included.

If the problem of the tire cannot be solved within 48 hours and the accommodation is not preferred, Goodyear is with me can provide a replacement vehicle, bus or economy class airplane ticket with a limit of 295 TL including daily VAT for up to 2 days.

Within the scope of tire insurance, consumers buying 4 Goodyear tires of 17 ” inches and above used in passenger, off-road and SUV vehicles with gross weight less than 3.500 kilograms from Goodyear authorized dealers can get the new tire free of charge by paying a tire exemption fee of 79 TL including VAT per tire in case of non-repairable tire damage.

While the tire insurance covers only non-repairable tires, consumers can benefit from this guarantee only once during a year while the tire insurance is valid.

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